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Bad Panda


Comedy. 2M 1W.

Original Works Publishing: Click here to order.

They’re the last two pandas on earth. It’s mating season. One of them falls in love with a crocodile. Who is …

Feet First In The Water With A Baby In My Teeth


Full-length solo comedy. 1W.

Named in "Best Plays in Atlanta 2011" by Creative Loafing

She's read all the books. Bookmarked all the blogs. She should totally have this parenting …

Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant


Full-length solo comedy. 1W.

Listed in "Top Ten Plays of 2009" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Now available as an eBook for Kindle, Nook, iPad and more! 

An outrageous …

Super Hot Raven


One-act comedy in two acts. 2W.

A sexy, silly spoof of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, Super Hot Raven and Raven II: The Ravening were written for Iron Crow Theatre Co.'s The …

Rumple Schmumple


Available from Dramatic Publishing.

Ten-minute comedy. 1M, 1W.

Imagine – you’re the queen in a fairy tale, and some little man whose name you can’t seem to guess is demanding …

Love Jerry

Move Closer 2

Musical drama. 3M, 3W.

Excellence in Writing (Book), New York Musical Theatre Festival 2008. Outstanding New Musical, Talkin’ Broadway. Endorsed by Prevent Child Abuse and …

Calling Wanda

Fortune Cookie

Featured in The Ultimate Audition Book: 222 Comedy Monologues 2 Minutes & Under. 

 One-act comedy. 3M, 3W.

NOTE: This play has been lost in the annals of history. The script …

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