Hailed by the Chicago Reader as "blond-haired" and "blue-eyed," Megan Gogerty is "a woman."

Megan is a playwright, monologuist, and comedian.

True story: Some people in China wanted to produce Megan's play BAD PANDA, only to be told it was banned by the Chinese government because it was about gays, and there are no gays in China.  Then other people thought it maybe it might not be banned, or maybe not banned as much.  Those people decided to produce it in Beijing and hope that the other people who liked to ban things would decide to pretend it wasn't happening, which is what happened. Everybody went home happy, which was the whole point in the first place. It had its official world premiere with Iron Crow Theatre Co. in Baltimore, which was awesome.

Other career highlights include FEET FIRST IN THE WATER WITH A BABY IN MY TEETH, which debuted in a variety of theatres across the country in 2011. Her  album of comic songs, BIG DAMN HEROES, is a tribute album to the defunct TV show Firefly and is available on CDBaby.com, iTunes, and wherever online music is sold. She also has an album about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Her musical LOVE JERRY, a fact-based drama about the long-term effects of child sexual abuse, continues to be produced around the country despite the odds of a sex abuse musical getting produced anywhere. Her solo show HILLARY CLINTON GOT ME PREGNANT was listed in the Top Ten Best Shows of 2009 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution along side the likes of Billy Crystal and Twyla Tharp. She’s pretty sure she could take Billy Crystal in a fight, but probably not Twyla. 

To keep up with Megan, make frequent visits to her website, or find her on Twitter.

What’s she really like?

Megan likes pineapple on pizza. Her favorite color used to be red but is now turquoise, which represents a general mellowing of her temperament. She has an extensive but by no means definitive collection of Dolly Parton albums; a sunny disposition only occasionally interrupted by bouts of moral outrage; a washtub bass, which she plays when provoked; a great fondness for Steve Martin, Chris Rock, and other great thinkers of our time. She enjoys the occasional Italian cream soda and writing about herself in the third person. If she had a choice between a wild, all-night orgy of disco-tacular sexy fun, or sitting on her couch reading Entertainment Weekly and eating peanut M&Ms, she’d probably choose the second thing.

Impressive-sounding theatre credits:

Megan’s music-play LOVE JERRY was produced in the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2008 as part of their Next Link Project series. It earned four NYMF Awards for Excellence – more than any other show in the festival – including Excellence in Writing (Book). It also earned three Talkin’ Broadway Summer Theatre Citations including Outstanding New Musical. In 2004 it toured England with Dartington College of the Arts before receiving its world premiere at Actors Express Theatre in Atlanta in 2006, where it was the target of a letter-writing campaign by the American Family Association. It garnered five Atlanta Suzi Bass Award nominations including Best Musical. A finalist of the Alliance Theatre’s KENDEDA Playwriting Competition, its production at UT-Austin earned seven B. Iden Payne Award nominations including Outstanding Original Script and Score, and five Austin Critic’s Table Award nominations including Best New Play.

Megan’s ten-minute play RUMPLE SCHMUMPLE premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC with ACTF where she was the winner of Atlanta’s Dad’s Garage Theatre Company 10-Minute Play Residency Award. RUMPLE SCHMUMPLE is included in Dramatic Publishing Co.’s 2005 anthology, THIRTY-FIVE IN TEN.

Other plays include: SIG GOTTA DO (Synchronicity’s SheWRITES Festival; Pasadena Playhouse Hothouse Series), HOBO SEASON (PlayLabs national finalist), BAD PANDA (Original Works Publising; WordBRIDGE 2008 Boomerang Playwright; Syzygy Theatre/LA Writers Center reading series), HILLARY CLINTON GOT ME PREGNANT (Riverside Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre), and FEET FIRST IN THE WATER WITH A BABY IN MY TEETH (Riverside Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre. etc.)  She earned her MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas at Austin. Megan has been a Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellow and was a grateful recipient of the James A. Michener Playwriting Scholarship and the Ellsworth P. and Virginia Conkle Endowed Scholarship for Drama. 


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